Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what’s for lunch?

I recently read in a Prevention magazine of all incredible things, if you could do it what would you be doing? and I thought…write. The next line….do it 20 minutes every day.

OK that was weeks ago and I decided that if I must sneak into the living room to do it by God I will do it.

I fee I am in the downside of life. Sliding down the last good years of my life. My mother is dying and could pass away any moment from a multitude of ailments, Anyway I am glad that I have found this outlet. I do not want to write on my blog, my forgotten and tossed away blog that I occasionally toss a bone of an entry but not often, not much.

I want that to be different now. I am not in a good place and it will help me to figure things out by writing. As always, writing.

Stay tuned.


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