Visiting Old Friends

I found ACTS OF GOD at the Jeff library in a little section known as Short Stories! It occupies two tiny shelves at the back of the fiction area. I don’t think I have ever noticed before an area dedicated to short stories before! But then again, they have their large paperback section separated from the fiction also which is where I find my Kate Morten books – and they are in no particular order, God forbid alphabetical!

I adore Ellen Gilchrist and this is her first book in eight years. In one of the stories a group comes together in the London Airport while there is a bomb threat and we are delighted (at least I am!) to find one of Hand girls in the first class lobby. Ah, Anna, my favorite character though her time in Ellen’s prose was way too short, is of course mentioned numerous times by an old boyfriend.

At one point Anna’s niece reflects on meeting old friends, it is like finding a much beloved shirt in your wardrobe and trying it on finds it still fits and one wonders why they stopped wearing the blouse…..happy and content to have it once again.

That is Acts of God – an old friend come to visit.

I must reread some of her books. The Anna Papers was one of my fav’s.




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