Friday Morning

Yesterday I had an appointment to interview with the State Fair people or the people who hire for the state fair. I was to be there at 2pm and advised to arrive 15 minutes early.

Typical… stormed the day before and the power went out in the house or at least in the bedroom the digital clock was flashing the hour and minutes which was incorrect. I did not know that the clock in the living room or family room was incorrect and I adjusted the bedroom clock with the wrong time. I must have been off by 15 minutes.

When I left the house – wearing make up for God’s sake!! – It was 125 according to the bedroom clock.

My car clock said 144p

My cell phone said 137pm

Rats! Foiled again.

So I just drove around for awhile and parked in the Village 8 movie house parking lot and played Candy Crush for awhile until I was out of lives. I then drove around looking for a place to eat. I ate two of the Little Debbie caramel chocolate covered cookies (OMG – like a soggy twix!) looking for an Asian Buffet (my fav) only to end up at Burger King and less a quarter tank of gas.

I guess I will call Cracker Barrel and resume employment there for awhile.

Mom is worse and the trip to the Lake House is being cancelled. I am expected to put a real diaper on her when she sleeps and do some new and just and horrifying treatment to her extended bladder. I will just do it and not think about it. Take a nerve pill, they seem to help.

Eileen and Bill to visit this week-end.

Shakespeare in the park tomorrow night.



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