I’m back

I recently encountered a post on Facebook where one of my blogger friends stated she had come home to Blogging. I investigated and found that I could sign in to this web site. This has not been the case in my other two blogs, one an old AOL blog that was shuffled off to Blogger when AOL dumped that platform and my original Blogger site Just a Hippie Gypsy. I believe it has something to do with my husband somehow taking over the google sign in and he can not remember his pass word.

Anyway, I have missed it. Unlike Facebook, it offers a sense of anonymity. I hate it on FB when someone I know somehow finds a political comment I have made and then challenges it. I abhor being chastised over my beliefs. Fuck them. And I also care quite a bit about them, my friends. I have recently stopped resisting Twitter and began using my account name, wonderfully Alphawoman!, so once again i am cloaked in the veil of anonymity.

So I am returning here to voice my outrage, my frustration, my silly events of minutiae that make up my life.

I checked, its been about three years since I have posted. My mother was very ill and dying. Our family was taking care of her with the help of a live in caretaker, who was a pill and we clashed something fierce but she was good for my Mom.

Since then my Mom has passed away, I have moved to Florida the home of the retired and elderly and the place where Baby Boomers are coming to die. And much to my chagrin, a very red state.

I have joined the resistance here as much as I can. I send post cards to my reps in both states, Indiana and Florida because I am uncertain as to where I will be voting come 2018 but it will definitely be voting out (or trying to  at the least) Marco Rubio or Todd Young. And most naturally work on fighting DT and everything he stands for.

I have to  acknowledge maybe not everything, but since I began becoming aware of his rise into prominence in summer of 2015 I have resisted his agenda of hatred, separation, elitism, misogynist attitudes, a bully, his treatment of women as objects, and his stupid vocabulary! I just despise him. Maybe he does have some good ideas, the only one so far I agree with is my Healthcare cost too much. Way too much.

And so I am back. I will more than likely make this a diary of sorts recording my efforts at saving the United States of America with my post card campaigns along with  my telephoning campaigns. At times screaming into the voice mail boxes of the leadership in Washington…for example I left a message with Todd Young that I would fight with every bone in my body and every last dollar in my wallet to see him defeated for his vote to usher in the new EPA Secretary who will destroy this world all in the name of Big Business and cronyism. And occasionally showing up to add my voice to the growing groundswell of unrest and demand for justice for all Americans.

I did attend the  Women’s March on Washington and it inspired my to attend several local events in the area.

I will end with this.

It is a despicable state and glaring microcosm of who is in charge in Washington when you watch that disrespectful man saunter down the stairs of the AF1 and not once glancing at his wife to ensure her safety or to offer her an arm or to open the door for her or even to instruct the SS to come to her aid. No, he just ignored her and though they were out of sight for the camera, it appeared he entered the vehicle and closed the door on her. She walked around to the other side of the car and that was when the video ended.

As our fearless orange bag of hot air would say…..SAD.






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