Last night my daughter called and was very upset, distraught and bordering on enraged. I am 800 miles away, she is 36, and I had to take a pill to calm down and sleep last night.

Now I am not a pill popper but what ever this was (when my Mom was dying I acquired a small stash of nerve pills from a friend) it has obviously bled over into my non-sleeping day and actually has altered my mood.

Heightened my mood actually. I do not feel at all depressed as I have since the death of my Mom and the election results of November. I feel invigorated and on top of the world. I at first blamed it on the coffee I consumed this morning as giving me a rush. A diligence to get things done today. But I always drink coffee and I always just think about nothing.

Today was different. I jumped out of bed and struggled with trying to get Direct TV on the tablet and failed. Frustrating but not defeating. I have been made aware some one in my family is messing with my account which in an odd outside the box way of thinking is good. I think I know who and it quite be the source of my daughters anger last night. Someone (boyfriend) able to sneak into her phone,

Then I raced off to the Post office and mailed off a book. The last book of Amy Krouse Rothenthal to my sister. I told her yesterday I was going to send her aa copy and by golly I did it. No procrastination which is my usual MO.

I am at the library banging away on one of the public computers b/c we are now retired and I hate to spend all that money on a router just so we can watch net-flicks on our TV. Let him watch it on his tablet!!

And I signed up  as a Meals on Wheels  volunteer.

Sometimes good things come in a small white pill.

Bad things come with the crash.

Off to finish my TO DO list.


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