Lanai Blues

I love this web site/blog site because I can write about my husband with great impunity!

Yesterday I began to clean the outside patio which is screened in and referred to as a Lanai in Florida. Usually attached to the house/trailer lanai is treated as a storage area1 Everything from our bikes and hammock (a great buy but we never use) and other odds and ends.

Yesterday as I prepared to scrub the screens Jo Jo comes out to help and removed the plastic windows. I am very alarmed but decide to hold my tongue thinking I could figure out how to put back up.


I am sitting here at the computer at the library to try and unravel the total mess we have made at home. I figured how they go back on but not how they sandwich behind each other.

Jo Jo is dangerous with a screwdriver and twice as deadly with anything that requires a sense of logic.

Lord help me.

(I would have numbered them and noted how they were  removed so I could do the exact reverse putting them back in.)

What a world.


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