From dusk to dawn and beyond

I have stayed up and pulled an all nighter before. Usually with the aid of drugs and involved partying and alcohol. By the time my head hit the pillow Monday night I had been up and awake for about 42 hours! I was on the verge of hallucinating and my mind was extra sharp all on its own. Sort of like the time I lasted six days on the cleansing diet thing of lemon water and vegetable broth.

Sissy, who is no longer Sissy in my mind but Honey Bear or Pooh Bear, came down with the dreaded but typically unavoidable kennel cough. I spend time at the emergency vet Sunday morning and sent home with cough pills and instructions to take her into the bathroom and give her a sauna AKA breathing treatment.

She and I spent all night in the bathroom. The small trailer sized bathroom. Around three AM I dragged myself out to the shed and found the yoga mat. Yes that yoga mat, my birthday present from last year that I have only used for emergencies such as this.

She was miserable and since I am new to all this dog business, I would guess she was in distress. But she managed to catch a few ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s between coughing spasms that ended with a gagging and up chuck of a glob of phlegm which she usually managed to swallow but sometimes not. I was also in distress.

Finally I emerged from the bathroom and we relocated to the couch in the living room. She continued to cough, gag,upchuck for hours. She was lethargic, not eating nor drinking any water. I stayed by her side all day rubbing her back and massaging her neck and trying to comfort her.

The emergency vet, who I called early Monday morning told me that it would take a few days for her to get better and that I should get some rest.

She did get better – Tuesday. Monday night my husband took over the dog watch but refused to give a sauna because he can not take the heat and was convinced I was going to develop mold that we would never be able to get rid of!!

I was too edgy to go to bed so I stayed up and watched the most pathetic NCAA game ever (because I wanted the Zags to beat the hell out of UNC b/c of the UK game the week before where one of the referee’s definitely was bias).

She had several coughing fits during the night that woke me up but come Tuesday she was out of the woods.

The thoughts I entertained all night Sunday and Monday were varied and at times astonishing. I tried to remember things – like my dog Terra from 1976-77. I realized that Sissy Honey Pooh Bear reminds me a lot of her. There was an abundance memories  I revisited during those long endless hours between dusk and dawn. It was comforting to me that I could reach back 40 years and have some vivid memories, like snap shots, of a very surreal time in my life.


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